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Located in the heart of Bellaire, Hank’s is an owner-operated gym with a professional staff of talented trainers averaging over 15 years in the fitness industry. From professional and amateur athletes to workout novices,

Hank’s offers a welcoming environment with a wide range of equipment and training services to help each member achieve his or her personal goals and potential.No long term contracts, no initiation fee. Just a great place to work out.

Our trainers are here to support and coach you as you take control of your fitness goals. And, more importantly, hold you accountable. Hank's Gym personal trainer will design a customized workout with care for you and you alone.
Hank’s Gym Fit after Fifty Program goals are to help seniors maintain their independence as long as possible.They are focused on improving their posture, lowering their cholesterol or blood pressure & increasing bone density.

Our youth training acquaints kids with the tenets of good nutrition and fitness. They will learn body mechanics, sports-specific training as well as eating habits, which can stay with them for a lifetime.
The Power-Plate works by producing a three-dimensional wave-form vibration causes an involuntary contraction of the body's muscles, thereby strengthening and conditioning them.
Kick Start your Boxing Career With the PRO
Hank's has certified amateur boxing coaches on staff, as well as 1984 Olympic Gold Medal Winner and two-time World Champion Frank Tate available for training. Read more

Why Hanks Gym?

If you like being tied down to one club or a small network, love contracts and love doing the same old training routine then Hank's Gym isn't for you. Our services and programs are designed to get results.
Hank's Gym is unlike any other membership you'll ever have, it's:
  • Flexible: You can freeze, change or cancel at anytime. (no 'big gym' lock-in contracts)
  • Convenient: Find out about our No Joining Fee policy
  • Easy: You never get bored with your training.
Work for an organisation with 10 or more staff? Read about our corporate rate gym memberships and staff health and fitness programs.

Be a Personal Trainer

Hanks Gym holds the NPTI accreditation for our Personal Fitness Trainer Certification.  It easy for you to become a successful fitness pro. We offer you comprehensive and easy-to-follow training that gives you a step-by-step blue print for your fitness career. Read more

Learn more about Hank’s Gym boxing instructor Frank Tate and his journey to Olympic glory and beyond.

“If i can change two or three kids’ lives, then I’ve accomplished something.That’s more than just winning the gold medal.” -Tate

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"Hanks Gym although hardcore is very female friendly . I have been coming to Hanks Gym for TEN years now and i have never been around more friendly staff and members . I would recommend Hanks Gym any day !!!". Read more testimonials