Serving Houston for Over 45 Years

Serving Houston for Over 45 Years


The Hank’s Gym Corporate Wellness Program is based on a team concept.


 We design a program tailor made for each business’ specific needs to make sure everyone on the team is physically able to perform their position and contribute to your company’s success.


Employee health and wellness are key ingredients in driving and organization’s growth and success. Employees who don’t feel well simply don’t perform well, and by helping employees better manage their health you are managing your most strategic asset-your employees. Your team must be in the best possible health to compete in the current competitive business market. Fit, well-conditioned employees will give your company a competitive edge.


The benefits for the company included lower healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism, and an increase in productivity and morale. The return on your investment includes double-digit decreases in sick leave, hospital admissions, disability days and per capita workers compensation costs.

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