Serving Houston for Over 45 Years

Serving Houston for Over 45 Years

Fit After Fifty

“Use it or lose it!” You’ve heard it and most of us know it’s true. So why aren’t more people over the age of 50 exercising? Most health clubs don’t address the needs of seniors.


Hank’s Gym has mature, certified personal trainers averaging over 15 years of experience who can offer guidance in reaching your fitness goals. Our positive workout environment includes smooth music and a large floor space devoted to balance, agility and mobility exercises as well as strength training equipment to meet our senior members’ specific needs. And more importantly, with our senior member in mind, we have Senior Hours so you are working with other members who share your same needs and concerns.


Research and listening to our members has taught us that physical independence as they grow older is very important and strong muscles are a must for independent mobility. The biggest challenge facing senior independence is the progressive decrease of physical abilities due to muscle loss. When most people turn 40, a condition called sarcopenia sets in which is age related loss of muscle mass, strength and function. Strength training is a proven method to help counter this condition.


Hank’s Gym Fit after Fifty Program goals are to help seniors maintain their independence as long as possible. We understand our senior member goals are different. They are particularly focused on improving their posture, lowering their cholesterol or blood pressure, increasing bone density against osteoporosis, improving balance and flexibility, lowering blood sugar, alleviating joint pain and, most of all, feeling stronger and more fit.


Come in today and find out how Hank’s Gym can help you enjoy and active, healthy lifestyle at any age.

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